Our Top 6 Roof Replacement & Repair FAQs

So, you’re dealing with roof damage on your property. Roof repair and replacement are big projects, and it can be overwhelming to know just where to start. You may even be wondering if your roof damage can be solved simply by repairs rather than replacement

We compiled our most frequently asked questions about CoMitted 365’s roof installation and repair processes so that you can feel a little bit more confident, prepared, and knowledgeable when it comes time for roof work on your property.

Pre-Roof Repair

1. How long will the roof repair or replacement take?

The length of time it takes to fix your roof depends on a few factors: the surface area, type of roofing material, and whether you need a repair or replacement. An average-sized roof typically takes one day to complete. We always recommend planning for two days just to be safe in case of bad weather or any other unexpected interruption to the project.

2. How do you protect the siding or windows from getting damaged?

Roof replacement and repair can get messy! While we tear off your old roof, there may be some debris in the process. To protect your property while we work, we use plywood and tarps to prevent damage to siding, windows, and landscaping. We always make sure to clean up after ourselves once we’ve finished, too!

During the Process

3. Do you take pictures of the roof throughout the process?

We take photos of each phase throughout the repair or replacement process: the tear-off, the dry-in, and of the final product once we’re done. 

We take a few other photos as well. Once the roof is torn off, we’ll photograph the exposed sheathing. We’ll take another photo once all the ice and water shield and underlayment are installed. Having these photos on hand will help protect us in case of any damage, and will give you the confidence to know you’re getting your money’s worth for a job well done.

4. What happens when you find rotten roof sheathing?

Sometimes a big project like roof replacement can lead to the discovery of bigger, underlying damage. If we discover rotten roof sheathing when we’re replacing or repairing your roof, there are a few things we’ll do. First, we’ll photograph the damaged area, and then we’ll remove the existing rotten sheathing. Once we replace the sheathing, we’ll photograph the area again to prove we were code requirement compliant.

Post Roof Repair

5. Why aren’t the shingles laying perfectly flat yet?

After installation, shingled roofing may appear bumpy– that’s because shingles are designed to hug the surface beneath them and they just need time to settle in. The entire roof needs a few days of consistent sun exposure and heat for the shingles to seal down. Some sections of the roof get significantly less sun exposure due to the direction they are facing, those will simply need more time to lay down.

6. Why don’t I get signal on my TV after they detached and reset the dish?

Unless the original location is not secure, we usually install the satellite dish in the exact same location that we found it. Most of the time the signal is not interrupted, but sometimes you will need your provider to come out and recalibrate the unit.

We know roof repair and replacement can be a big deal, and we want you to know we are here to help answer any of your questions at any step of the way. If any of your questions went unanswered here, please do not hesitate to reach out and we’ll be happy to provide the information you need.