Understanding the Asphalt Shingle Installation Process

So it’s time for you to install or replace the roofing on your home. You’ve done a bit of research and want to learn even more about asphalt shingle roofing. Read on to learn about why you should choose asphalt shingling, and why you should choose CoMitted 365 to install your shingles for you.

What Makes Asphalt Shingles a Great Option

Asphalt shingles are a great roofing option for several reasons. Compared to metal roofing, asphalt is a more affordable choice to get dependable protection for your home for up to 50 years. If any problems arise, though, it’s easy enough to replace or repair individual shingles too. Asphalt roofing offers a timeless, traditional look for your home with many color and style options

The CoMitted 365 Shingle Installation Process


Your CoMitted 365 team will inspect that all sheathing is cleaned & fastened properly. Then, we install steel roof edge on all eaves. These will help extend the lifetime of your roof and serve as backup support for the shingles. After the edges, we add ice and water shield on all valleys and eaves per code requirements. This is a waterproof membrane that protects your roof from water and ice damage. To protect the rest of the roof surface area, we install synthetic underlayment on the remaining exposed sheeting per code requirements. And finally,  before we begin the shingle installation, we install roof edge on all rakes for a watertight seal. Doing the rakes last ensures maximum protection for those days when high wind and rain are penetrating areas they typically do not.

Shingle Installation

The first step of shingle installation involves laying out Owen’s Corning starter strips on all eaves and rakes to obtain a 15-year, 130 mph wind warranty. This will allow the entire perimeter to be bonded once the roof system is complete. Then, your CoMmitted 365 team will build in the shingles per manufacturer specifications. With shingle installation, we will include the installation of all corresponding accessories, such as valleys, pipe jacks, bathroom vents, kitchen vents, wall flashing, counter flashing, and skylights, if any. Then, in compliance with code, we install any necessary ventilation vents or ridge vents.  In compliance with manufacturer specification and warranty, we cover all ridges with Owen’s Corning ridge cap, which protect your home from leaks and harsh winds.

Finishing Touches

After all the parts of your roof have been put into place, we seal all exposed nail heads with Geocel 2300 roof sealant to ensure water-tight seals. This prevents all nail heads from rusting or popping out due to climate change or water protrusion. The CoMitted 365 Production Manager will then conduct a Final Inspection to ensure workmanship warranty through CoMitted 365 Roofing & Exteriors and to ensure the Owens Corning 50-year manufacturer warranty compliance. After the Production Manager’s Inspection, we’ll move out, making sure all debris is clear from the roof and ground before leaving your property.


Not all Shingles are Created Equal; We use Owens Corning for a Reason…

Owens Corning is a market leader in roofing shingles, with 8 different lines of asphalt shingles and 74 + colors, and a broad variety of colors to match any home’s siding and style. If you want help exploring asphalt color combinations, check out our virtual style guide.


Don’t DIY Asphalt Shingles

While it may be tempting to save a few dollars by doing some research and installing your shingles on your own, the truth is you just can’t DIY an experienced eye or a well-trained hand when it comes to roof installation. When you pay professional roofers to install shingles, they carry with them a level of experience that allows for a more efficient installation, and the expertise to notice any issues with the structural integrity of your roof. Things like rotten beams or sodden shingles may not be as apparent to an untrained eye, and a professional roofer can help identify and prevent these types of damage from becoming a bigger problem.

Additionally, many shingle manufacturers render your warranty void if the shingles are not installed by a certified installation company, which could cost you much more in the long run if anything goes wrong.