A roofing worker installs solar panels on a roof

In a survey of over 300 home architects, designers, and builders, researchers found that the biggest driving force for residential home projects is high-value updates at a low cost. A big way homeowners can get more value for their home at a relatively low cost is by updating their roof. In the season of a new year and resolutions, increasing the value of your home might be one of your goals. Here are some of the top 2023 roofing trends to be aware of…

Roof Structural Styles

Keeping your roof up to date does not have to mean a complete roof replacement. Whether you’re looking to get more value for your home, or it’s time for something new and fresh in your space, get some inspiration with these small-scale updates:

Rooftop & Terrace Gardens

With COVID-19 and social distancing, homeowners have taken to investing time and money into the outdoor spaces of their homes. While landscaping and lawn mowing were basic outdoor space maintenance pre-pandemic, people now want to make the most of every inch of outdoor space on their property. This could be as simple as adding plants, lights, and outdoor furniture to a deck, patio, or terrace. Alternatively, this could be as intensive as building a patio, deck, or porch on the side of your home.


The most significant up-and-coming trend in roofing is sustainability. To brighten up your space, add style and airiness, and begin to explore energy-efficient practices in your home, you may want to consider installing a skylight. Skylights, when placed strategically, can play a big role in energy savings for your home. For example, a skylight placed on the north side of your roof will provide sunlight and heat year-round. But for energy savings, a skylight on the south end of your home is best.

There are also a variety of glazes and glass types that work specifically for the benefit of energy efficiency in skylights.

Up-and-Coming Roofing Materials

2023 may be your household’s year for a full or partial roof replacement. Because of their high cost and intensive installation process, roofing material trends tend to not vary drastically from year to year. Due to technology advancements over time, however, we can point you in the direction of what’s been the very best roofing materials in recent years.

Metal Roofs

In recent years, metal roofs have been steadily rising in popularity. Sleek and sophisticated, this type of roof is known for its longevity with a lifespan of over 50 years.  This roof style is more expensive but is thought to ‘pay for itself’ over the years with its long lifespan and minimal maintenance. You can get more dimension and a unique style for your home with metal shingles– a simple twist on the classic metal roof.

Asphalt Shingle Roofs

Some things never go out of style: blue jeans, a white tee, and Asphalt shingle roofs. Low maintenance and extremely durable, asphalt shingles are one of the most dependable options for protecting your home.

Trending Roof Colors

Something else to think about when styling or updating your home in 2023 is the color scheme. For this coming year, contrasting colors are particularly ‘in.’ Take a look at all the ways you can incorporate different contrasting colors on the exterior of your home; siding, roof, windows, shutters, your door, and even your gutter systems can be used as contrast-color design elements.

If you happen to be considering asphalt shingles for your roofing style, Owens Corning recently announced their shingle color of the year for 2023– Midnight Plum. For contrasting colors, you want to consider the broader spectrum beyond just black and white. Owen’s Corning’s Midnight plum is a great example of this. Royal blue, maroon, and bottle green are all colors that can help create a contrasting effect. You can explore other roof styles and color combinations with our Owens Corning Style Guide.

With a little planning and research, you’ll be able to figure out the best roofing option to update and drive up your home’s value at the best cost. As always, we at CoMitted 365 are here to help at every step along the way. Give us a call for any inquiries, or for a quote to help begin the conversation.

Energy Efficiency

The most significant up-and-coming trend in roofing is sustainability. You may think ‘How can a roof be sustainable?’ But there are several ways to exercise sustainability and increase energy efficiency through the architecture, style, and materials of your roof.

Recycled Materials

An easy way to practice sustainability without changing the shape, structure, or style of your roof is to simply find a contractor that uses recycled materials. In an effort to reduce waste, many contractors have pledged to reuse and recycle asphalt shingles. Another sustainable option on the market is shingles made from recycled content. Recycled roofing materials are a great way to practice sustainable living without sacrificing the look, feel, and price of traditional roofs.

Solar Roofs

Solar panels and solar roofing are increasingly becoming a sensible home upgrade for residential homes. These come in the form of larger panels, or individual photovoltaic tiles, and can be installed strategically so they’re unseen from street level. Solar roofing is a great option for reducing a homeowner’s carbon footprint and their electricity bill too!

Green Roofs

Green roofs, also called garden roofs, are a more intensive, up-and-coming sustainable roofing option. A green roof essentially uses the surface area on top of your home as a space for plants to grow, and in turn, the greenery will benefit you, the homeowner. The plants absorb the sun’s heat, keeping your home cool, and take in rainwater too, alleviating the amount of runoff water in your home’s drain pipes.


A roofing worker installs solar panels on a roof

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