Door Installation and Replacement

Dark wood entryway door on a blue home

Elevate Your Property

Replacing doors is essential for energy efficiency and insulation, especially here in Minnesota. Well-maintained doors help minimize heat loss, reduce energy costs, and make your space comfortable by preventing drafts and weather infiltration. Whether your doors have suffered inevitable wear and tear or you’ve recently had storm damage, call the CoMitted 365 Roofing & Exteriors team to come out and fortify your home or business.

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Overhead Garage Doors

Replacing your garage doors doesn’t have to be a hassle. Our garage door installation services ensure proper alignment and compliance with local regulations so that you enjoy top-notch functionality coming and going from your home.

Blue home with grey, stone, and wood accents

Entryway Doors

Replace old and worn entryway doors with the perfect new fit. Our professional installation services mean that your new doors are correctly fitted, aligned, and sealed, maximizing their performance and longevity.

Cozy looking grey home with a patio in its front yard

Service Doors

Wear and tear, weather exposure, and heavy usage can lead to the deterioration of service doors, impacting their performance and compromising the safety of your space. We can replace a variety of service doors to ensure smooth operations, enhance security, and comply with safety regulations.

Patio Doors

When replacing patio doors, skip the DIY and leave the work to us. From initial measurements to final clean-up, our attention to detail means your new patio doors are perfectly aligned, compliant with local codes, and ready to protect you and your home.

Semi-outdoor patio seating area
CoMitted 365 truck parked outside a home that features a black roof

Update Your Doors

If you’re looking for expert door replacement and installation, schedule an appointment with our team. We’ll handle the job with expertise, precision, and commitment.

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