Frequently Asked Questions

CoMitted 365 truck being loaded with materials
Why don’t I get a signal on my TV after they detached and reset the dish?

Unless the original location is not secure, we usually install the satellite dish in the exact location we found. Usually, the signal is not interrupted, but sometimes, your provider will need to come out and recalibrate the unit.

Do you take pictures of the roof throughout the replacement process?

Yes, we photograph each phase throughout the replacement process, including the tear-off, the dry-in, and the final product. Once the roof is torn off, we’ll also photograph the exposed sheathing and take another photo once we’ve installed the ice, water shield, and underlayment. These photos can help protect us in case of damage and prove you’re getting your money’s worth.

Why aren’t my shingles lying perfectly flat yet?

After installation, shingled roofing may appear bumpy because shingles need time to settle in. The roof needs a few days of consistent sun exposure and heat for the shingles to seal down. Some sections of the roof get significantly less sun exposure due to the direction they are facing; those will need more time to flatten.