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Exterior Storm Damage

Roofing shingles that were peeled back by inclement weather

Storm Damage Roofers for Your Home or Business

Life in the Midwest means a lot of environmental elements. We can have feet of snow one week, golfball-size hail another, and 50+ mile-per-hour wind a month later. While we get to enjoy the beauty of four seasons, our homes experience all that comes with them, including roof storm damage. Day or night, seven days a week, CoMitted 365 Roofing & Exteriors is here when you need a roof restoration for your Minnesota property.

Step 1. Initial Assessment

We’ll arrive at a predetermined time to assess the damage. We can also reach out to your insurance agency to coordinate coverage.

Step 2. Restoration Services

Your safety and comfort are our first priority. Getting the work done, with as much covered by insurance as possible, is second.

Step 3. Back to Normal

Now your roof is in great shape, with the pictures to prove it, and you can get back to enjoying all the beauty of life here in Minnesota.

Take it From Our Customers
"There are few roofers these days that are true craftsmen but these guys rock."

I needed help with some storm damage, and the paper work from my insurance company was a nightmare. I called Committed 365, and Mitch came right out and help relieve the stress, they did an AWESOME job from start to finish there are few roofers these days that are true craftsmen but these guys rock. Super happy.

"Can’t Say Enough Good Things"

Can’t say enough good things about CoMitted 365 Roofing & Exteriors. I recently had a leak in my roof and they were able to put new shingles on in a week when no one else could come close to doing it so quickly. Jordan was great to work with and made sure everything went as smooth as possible. Thanks guys for making things so easy!

"The price can’t be beat, and the quality of work is top notch."

Mitch is a pleasure to work with. He was extremely prompt and professional when I was searching for someone to do job of roof. The price can’t be beat, and the quality of work is top notch. We are extremely happy with the finished product and new roof looks so much better than the old one and much more of a match to the house in the color.

"We highly recommend them!"

From the quoting processing through the project, we were very impressed. Communication was excellent. The crew is absolutely amazing. They work so hard and are detail-oriented. Even the hot summer days & our challenging roof design didn’t slow this crew down! The overall quality was excellent. We highly recommend them!

Avoid Roof Insurance Claim Issues

After a storm has hit your home or business, there’s a lot to think about: how to get things fixed, who to talk to, paperwork, payment. You might not know how to file an insurance claim for roof restoration or how to confirm what is and isn’t covered.

Work with storm damage roofers who have experience navigating insurance claims. Our team has a solid reputation for easing the insurance process. We receive referrals from many insurance companies and are listed as an approved contractor of choice. Let us guide you through the roof insurance claim process, making sure you get the coverage you qualify for. You won’t have to worry about missing documents or unfortunate insurance surprises—that’s what we’re here for!

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Won’t My Insurance Go Up? 

When we talk to customers, we often hear: “Won’t my insurance rates go up if I turn in a claim?” Here’s the truth of the matter. Generally speaking, if a storm is large enough to cause hail, wind, or fallen tree damage, it will affect a large area, and rates will go up for the entire state. In that case, your rates will go up whether you file a claim or not. Our advice? Never accept higher rates and damage that goes unfixed!

CoMitted 365 truck parked in a field with a storm rolling in the background
How can I protect my roof from storm damage?

To safeguard your roof from storm damage, schedule annual inspections and take care of repairs and routine maintenance with local roofing professionals. You’ll also want to regularly clear gutters and trim overhead branches to minimize damage during high winds or heavy precipitation.

What damages roofs the most in Minnesota?

In Minnesota, heavy snowfall and ice dams during winter pose the greatest threat to roofs, leading to potential water damage and structural issues. Additionally, hailstorms and high winds in the spring and summer can cause significant damage to roofing materials, including shingles, impacting the overall integrity of the roof.

How can hail damage a roof?

Hail size, density, shape, and the velocity and angle of its fall play a role in a hail storm’s impact on your property. Regardless of roof type, age, or quality of construction, a hail-damaged roof tends to prematurely fail.

Roof hail damage can be either functional or cosmetic. With an asphalt roof, the full effect of the damage may not be apparent until up to a year after the hailstorm. Over time, loosened granules in the asphalt will fall away, leaving the shingles exposed and vulnerable to the effects of storms, wind, and harsh UV rays from the sun. These compromised shingles may even lead to mold or leakages.

Taking the Stress Out of Storm Damage

Storms are stressful enough, but when they damage your home or business, there’s an added frustration and burden. With CoMitted 365, you can trust that your roof is in good hands. We’ll make sure there are no exterior issues left before we move on, and our unique combination of restoration contracting and insurance recovery experience helps ensure the work is completed correctly and on time.

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