Roof Snow Removal

Snow piling atop a home's roof during winter

This Season, Don’t Let Snow Build Up

Our dedicated team employs specialized equipment and techniques to safely clear rooftops, mitigating the risk of excessive weight and ice dam formation, ensuring your home or business’s structural integrity. Don’t let winter weather disrupt your routine; hire CoMitted 365 for secure reliable snow removal and enjoy a safe, hassle-free season.

Step 1. Call Our Team

In anticipation of or shortly after a winter weather event, call our team so we can put you on our schedule. We’ll get to you as soon as we can.

Step 2. We Get to Work

We arrive with the proper equipment and safety gear to clear snow from your roof without causing damage or interrupting your schedule.

Step 3. Enjoy the Winter White

Now you can sit back and relax, knowing your home or business is safe and sound from potentially hazarouns snow build-up.

Take it From Our Customers
"Can’t Say Enough Good Things"

Can’t say enough good things about CoMitted 365 Roofing & Exteriors. I recently had a leak in my roof and they were able to put new shingles on in a week when no one else could come close to doing it so quickly. Jordan was great to work with and made sure everything went as smooth as possible. Thanks guys for making things so easy!

"The price can’t be beat, and the quality of work is top notch."

Mitch is a pleasure to work with. He was extremely prompt and professional when I was searching for someone to do job of roof. The price can’t be beat, and the quality of work is top notch. We are extremely happy with the finished product and new roof looks so much better than the old one and much more of a match to the house in the color.

"Very fast and efficient."

They came and checked my roof after a hail storm came through. They got my whole roof on my house and shed covered by my insurance all I had to pay was my deductible. Very fast and efficient.

"Very quick and great at the job."

Very quick and great at the job. Our roof was completed in one day and Mitch noticed right away that it was an issue for insurance to cover which helped saved us money. We had several other contractors look at the roof and committed 365 was the only company who told us we were missing shingles and that we had a possible claim for homeowners insurance.

"We highly recommend them!"

From the quoting processing through the project, we were very impressed. Communication was excellent. The crew is absolutely amazing. They work so hard and are detail-oriented. Even the hot summer days & our challenging roof design didn’t slow this crew down! The overall quality was excellent. We highly recommend them!

Roof Snow Removal Done Right

As lifelong Minnesotans, we understand the unique challenges posed by winter weather, especially when it comes to the longevity of roofs. Our efficient snow removal services prioritize safety and satisfaction for our clients. We use state-of-the-art equipment and follow industry best practices to deliver thorough and effective snow removal services for local residential and commercial properties alike.

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Protecting Minnesotans After a Winter Storm

Swift snow removal after a winter storm prevents the accumulation of heavy, compacted snow and ice. CoMitted 365’s experts can arrive on the scene with the proper equipment to prevent ice dam formation, protect your landscape, and ensure snow doesn’t pile up on your driveway or sidewalk.

For large-scale snow removal, especially in commercial properties or areas with complex structures, we have the expertise to handle removal efficiently and minimize the risk of damage.

If you notice damage from a winter storm, we can help coordinate with your insurance to make sure you get the coverage you’re owed.

What is too much snow on a roof?

Schedule a roof snow removal appointment if there’s more than a foot of wet snow sitting up there.

Can I use a regular snow shovel to remove snow from the roof?

We don’t recommend using a regular snow shovel because it can damage roofing materials. Instead, consider a roof rake with an extended handle designed for snow removal. Roof rakes allow you to remove snow from the ground without risking damage to the roof. If you prefer to hire professionals, we have specialized equipment and the experience to safely remove snow without causing harm to the roof.

Can I use salt or de-icing chemicals on my roof to melt snow?

We don’t generally recommend using salt or de-icing chemicals on the roof. These substances can cause damage to roofing materials, corrode metal components, and harm vegetation when they run off. Instead, consider using a roof rake or hiring our professionals equipped with safe methods and tools for snow removal. If you’re concerned about ice dams, installing heat cables or ice melt systems along the roof edges can be a more suitable and roof-friendly solution.

The Risks of Leaving Snow on the Roof

Experts agree you don’t want to leave too much snow on the roof. The weight can damage your roof, leading to costly repairs, inconveniences, and—in some cases—a complete collapse. Additionally, as snow melts and refreezes, ice dams may form, causing water to back up under shingles and resulting in leaks and expensive water damage.

Address snow accumulation right away to prevent issues, maintain your roof’s integrity, and mitigate potential risks. However, before you run outside to shovel, ensure you can do so without injuring yourself or damaging your roof. In most cases, it’s best to leave heavy snow removal to the professionals.

Protect Your Home or Business

Prepare for a stress-free winter! Before anticipated heavy snowfall, give us a call to schedule snow removal services and get a spot before they book up. Our dedicated team ensures prompt and efficient snow clearing for residential and commercial roofs.

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