How to Prevent Firework Damage to Your Roof

Fireworks exploding behind the silhouette of a home

The 4th of July is just around the corner — and while we love the fun fireworks can bring, we know all too well how important it is to take care when setting off fireworks near your property.

The Danger of Fireworks 

The biggest risk of fireworks is the unpredictability of firework embers. Fireworks can land anywhere: in the trees, in the neighbor’s property, or on your home. These helter-skelter firework embers can cause anything from light burning to an extensive fire.

Protecting Your Home from Fireworks and the Fourth of July

Before the fourth, be sure you get in any necessary roof repairs if possible. Exposing a damaged or vulnerable roof structure to fireworks could lead to worse damage or even damage to your home. (If you don’t have time to repair pre-existing roof damage the best choice may be to sit out of hosting fireworks this time around)

Asphalt shingles are heat resistant to a certain degree. It is the layers of roofing beneath the shingles, however, that can be a fire risk especially if fireworks are in the picture. If you’re concerned about a neighbor’s fireworks causing damage to your property, you can take your garden hose and spray down your roof. A dry roof is a more flammable roof, so using your hose can provide a little extra protection for your home.

Be sure to also clean out any dry debris (leaves, twigs, etc) from your gutters, and trim back any overhanging branches. These can easily catch fire, and cleaning them up and trimming them back mitigates the risk of your home also catching fire.

More Permanent, Protective Solutions

For firework fanatics, the best option for protecting and preserving your home against firework damage in the long-term is a metal roof, or clay shingle roof. Metal roofs are one of the top non-combustible roofing materials, and clay roofs are up there too!

Fire-resistant shingles, underlayment, and insulation materials can also be purchased as well.

The most affordable and realistic solution for long term firework damage prevention is to avoid lighting fireworks near your home altogether (it’s recommended you light them off at least 500 feet from your home).

Dealing with Firework Damage

If another person’s fireworks lead to damage to your roof or property, you can do one of two things.

  1. Your insurance is here to help you in situations like this. Document the damage in photo or video, and give your insurance a call. If you provide all the details to your insurance provider, they will contact the responsible parties and handle the repairs so you do not have to.
  2. If the responsible parties are non-compliant, you can always file a police report. This is not the most ideal course of action and may affect your relationships with your neighbors.

To learn more about fire resistant roofing options and about preparing your roof for Fourth of July fireworks you can call us at CoMitted 365.



Fireworks exploding behind the silhouette of a home

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