How to Prevent Damage from Rooftop Christmas Decorations

Christmas scene at night with Christmas roof decorations.

Displaying lights and familiar inflatable characters on the roof is an honored holiday tradition for many families. After all, they help bring Christmas cheer to you and the rest of your neighborhood. But, doing it wrong can lead to costly issues to your roof. Take it from us: you don’t want to let your beloved rooftop Christmas decorations leave damage in their wake.

How to secure Christmas decorations on your roof

Alright, without further ado, let’s put out the holly jolly spirit without risking broken shingles or future leaks.  

1. DO test the lights before you go up there. 

Look, the last thing you want to do is hang that last light and realize they’re an old set that hasn’t worked in ages or, possibly worse, a single burnt-out bulb has ruined the string. Spare yourself the Griswold headache. Take a few moments to test the lights in a nearby outlet before you begin the hard work!

2. DON’T lift any shingles.

Now, you might be tempted to tuck roof decorations under your shingles. But you want to avoid the urge to do this at all costs! When you lift shingles, you risk weakening or breaking them. And weak or broken shingles are a no-go for a fortified roof. 

3. DO use plastic hooks or tile grips instead of nails 

When putting up rooftop Christmas decorations, forget what you see in the movies, by which we mean put down the staple gun! Nails and screws can lead to leaks in your roof, which is the last thing you want to deal with when the new year arrives. 

You’re much better off with hooks, grips, adhesive strips, or clamps. They’re exponentially safer for your home and easier to take down come January.

4. DON’T just walk anywhere 

As roofing experts, we typically don’t advise going up on their roof by yourself. One misstep could lead to an injury and damage your roof. But if you do decide to go up there, you absolutely want to watch where you’re going. 

Let’s talk about walking on shingles. Now, the highest point of a shingle is called the peak. As you’re walking on your roof, look down to make sure you’re always stepping on two peaks. Stepping on a shingle’s middle or edge will most likely break them! And, as we discussed earlier, a broken shingle makes your roof much less effective against the elements. 

5. DO have a helper move your ladder along the way
As you work on your rooftop Christmas decorations, have someone on the ground move the ladder. The fewer steps you take on your roof, the better—for you and it! Plus, a helper on the ground can help you if something happens, say the ladder tips over or it starts raining. You definitely don’t want to get stuck up there without a safe way to come down. 

Tips for Displaying Rooftop Inflatable Decorations 

Some homeowners love to use their roof as a stage for their collection of inflatables. These adorable Christmas decorations offer up seasonal magic as long as you install them correctly. 

Weigh down inflatables. Choose inflatables that are light enough not to crush your roof. This includes how much you’ll need to weigh them down to keep them in place.

Tie them down. Once you’ve determined they are, tie them down with twine to keep them firmly in place. With all the Minnesota winter weather we get, you don’t want them blowing off your roof in the middle of a snowstorm. 

Take the slope into account. Avoid placing Christmas inflatables anywhere with too much of a slope. A good spot for them is 45 degrees or less; a sharper angle could lead to them toppling over. 

Watch where you hang these rooftop Christmas decorations. While humming your favorite tunes and displaying your favorite characters, don’t forget to look at where you’re putting them. Watch for electrical lines, branches, vents, and chimneys. Being too close to or right on top of these elements could lead to fire, punctures, or other issues. Issues you don’t want to deal with when your whole family is visiting! 

Man hanging Christmas roof decorations.

Show off your Christmas spirit safely

We hope you have wonderful festivities this year. If you’re putting up Christmas roof decorations and notice damage, don’t delay getting them serviced by a team of professionals. Call us at CoMitted 365. We’d love to inspect and repair your roof, keeping everyone inside safe and cozy for the season and the New Year ahead! 

Schedule an estimate with our dedicated team. 

Oh, and happy, happy holidays from all of us at CoMitted 365.

Christmas scene at night with Christmas roof decorations.

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